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Antibody evasion by SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants BA.2.12.1, BA.4, & BA.5

Author Correction: Transcriptional regulation of a metastasis suppressor gene by Tip60 and I2-catenin complexes

Apoptotic brown adipocytes enhance energy expenditure via extracellular inosine

Accelerate US development of syphilis self-tests

Emerging infectious diseases expose gaps in UNas SDG framework

aHelmetsa shield shrimp from their own supersonic shock waves

Vomiting viruses, fruit and veg emissions a the week in infographics

From the archive: Shakespeareas stage directions, and fern fever

Promote clean-energy transition in student education

Europe must not backslide on climate action despite war in Ukraine

To end coal, adapt to regional realities

Ukrainian mathematician becomes second woman to win prestigious Fields Medal

Upgraded LHC begins epic run to search for new physics

Need web data? Hereas how to harvest them

Blanket bans on fossil fuels hurt women and lower-income countries

Author Correction: Structure of the mechanically activated ion channel Piezo1

Improving livestock to fight poverty and empower women

A portrait of the Higgs boson by the CMS experiment ten years after the discovery

A detailed map of Higgs boson interactions by the ATLAS experiment ten years after the discovery

The Higgs boson turns ten

Daily briefing: Ten years since the Higgs boson discovery

Happy birthday, Higgs boson! What we do and donat know about the particle

Peter Higgs: the man behind the God particle

Particle physics isnat going to die a even if the LHC finds no new particles

What polioas UK presence means for global health

aTree of licea pinpoints first mammal with a louse infestation

The conference challenges faced by scientists who stutter

Transporting food generates whopping amounts of carbon dioxide

aGhosta DNA from the worldas rarest wolves lingers in coyotes

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Eye-catching inflatable design is set in any urban square

When you get right down to it, all any space needs to provide is a little shelter, light and comfort. The Air Square by KOGAA and KubAAek Visionair creates a safe environment anywhere it gets set up. This is a portable space with a simple but innovative design that can be placed in any urban area.[...]

Solar electric catamaran has AI tech for zero emissions

Rossinavi's Oneiric catamaran concept is a sustainable technology dream boat, quite literally. It's a catamaran that features three levels of solar panels to power fully electric navigation. Plus, there is an AI-driven control center that manages energy consumption to reduce environmental impact.[...]

9 surprising sources where microplastics can be found

Microplastics. What are they? Where do they come from? And why does it matter? Even if you think you have a grasp on your plastic consumption, youare likely buying, using and disposing items you didnat even know were made from microplastics.A [...]

Voxel Cloud uses 3D dataset for structures of the future

You may not know that you're looking at the future when you see the Voxel Cloud. It's sort of strange and different, like a movie made by Tim Burton. But it's also what the future could look like. Buildings designed using the techniques that designed the Voxel Cloud could be the future of architecture and building.[...]

An installation creates a vivid sensory experience in Milan

For Milan Design Week 2022, Nature Squared and ANOTHERVIEW collaborated to create VIEW 20. The project is a limited-edition custom installation that celebrates culture through an immersive experience. Unveiled to the public on June 6, 2022 in the Rossana Orlandi Gallery, the installation will remain until Milan Design Week 2023. Its presence will reinforce gallery founder Rossana Orlandi's passion for sustainable design.[...]

This plant box makes it easy to grow your own food

The GAD Plant Box is an introductory product forA GAD LLC, a new company raising funds on Kickstarter. Their indoor gardening kit makes it easier, more desirable and more accessible for people to grow their own food at home.A Founded by Colin Casto, GAD created a way to make larger scale indoor gardening a reality for city dwellers.[...]

Furniture factory opens in a forest in Norway

Bjarke Ingels Group and Vestre, a furniture maker in Norway, opened up the PLUS. This is a furniture factory but it's a whole lot more. In fact, it's also an experience center and a 300-acre public park. This is an entire manufacturing village.[...]

Feel what energy can do at this garden exhibit in Milan

A historical botanical garden in Milan transformed into an energy park thatas full of copper and possibilities. Itas a public exhibit that anyone can visit to learn more about different types of sustainable energy.[...]

600-acres of land will turn into a climate-adaptive park

Origin Park is a massive climate-adaptive park that provides an expansive outdoor landscape to serve visitors from near and far. Simultaneously, it hopes to highlight the historical aspects of the region.[...]

The tallest shipping container structure in the nation

Architectural design comes in all forms. In the case of the newly opened IDA on McKinley apartment building, that form is six stories of steel shipping containers that make up commercial and residential space. [...]

Kaieteur Falls is the world's largest single-drop waterfall

If a massive waterfall sits remotely in the rainforest and thereas no one to hear it, does it still make a sound? Yes, a massive one. Case in point: Kaieteur Falls, the worldas largest single-drop waterfall. It's buried among the savannah in an Amazonian jungle and receives less than 6,000 visitors each year.A [...]

Human fossils found in cave questions origins of humankind

A recentA studyA of human fossils from the Sterkfontein Caves in South Africa reignited debates about the origin of humans. The caves are home to Mrs. Ples' skeleton, as they nicknamed the fossils of a cave woman found. Her fossils date back to between 3.4 to 3.6 million years ago.[...]

Worlds largest direct air capture plant coming to Iceland

A Swiss startup is working on a solution to that pesky carbon dioxide that is killing the planet: burying it underground. Climeworks is building a ginormous direct air capture (DAC) facility in Iceland. The company expects it to be ready to start sucking 36,000 tons of CO2 annually out of the air within two years.[...]

Home is anchored to the earth, hovers over the landscape

The Orcas House on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands is an intergenerational family home under construction designed by Seattle firm Allied8. The home explores how construction material use can reduce global emissions. The site was the challenge that started the project. Orcas House is located on a small lot on a ridgeline the previous owner could not figure out how to build on as it is extremely steep and half bedrock. [...]

Where is the most green and sustainable city in the US?

When one thinks of sustainable living, urban centers probably donat come to mind. Yet, itas where the vast majority of people in the country live and work. Therefore, cities hold the power to make the greatest impact when it comes to cleaning up the air and reducing carbon emissions. The team at Battleface, a leading travel insurance company, ranked Washington, D.C., New York City, Portland, Seattle and Boston as the cities leading the country in sustainable actions.A [...]

Artificial coral reefs help marine life and biodiversity

Climate change-induced storms are battering coasts worldwide with sea level rise, erosion and damages. More than half of coral reefs and 85% of oyster beds used to protect our coasts have already been severely damaged or destroyed.A [...]

Coveted black watermelons for sale in California

The coveted black watermelons are available in the US and are on sale in the Bay Area of California. The black seedless watermelon is treasured in Japan where it is auctioned in an annual event that sees prices hit the roof. This year, the auction of this first crop in the northern island of Hokkaido saw one supreme quality black watermelon go for a whopping $370. Though a handsome figure, the highest record for the sale of one black watermelon isA $6,100A A set in 2008.A [...]

Two women arrested with 109 live wild animals in airport

Two Indian women have been arrested at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand after they were found with 109 live wild animals, including 20 snakes, 50 lizards, 35 turtles, two white porcupines, and two armadillos. The animals were detected in two suitcases by an X-ray scan, prompting officials at the airport to jump into action.[...]

Historic NY farmhouse looks like it's always been there

JLF Architects created a custom-built, modern and sustainable farmhouse on 40 acres in Upstate New York. A couple lives there during the summers camping on their property to learn the land. The new farmhouse, called Looking Glass Farm, features reclaimed Amish barn wood, aluminum windows and a design that blends with the landscape.[...]

This luxury eco hotel uses rammed earth and concrete design

You can tell right away that Sunyata Eco Hotel is luxury. Designed by Design Kacheri, the innovative, arresting design blends well with the shining glass and beautiful patches of green. But look closely. This boutique hotel is eco-friendly, sustainable and made out of the Earth itself.[...]

The first 24/7 plant-based convenience store in the US

Drivers stopping by the Tanforan Shell station in San Bruno, California may be in for a shock. When they enter the convenience store looking for beef jerky and nacho cheese Doritos, they will find 100% plant-based offerings. This city of 43,000 about 12 miles south of San Francisco seems an unlikely site for North America's first 24/7 vegan convenience store, Hangry Planet. It's part of the fun for owner Bobak Bakhtiari. The actor and philanthropist talked to Inhabitat about this intriguing venture.[...]

Fish-shaped robot to collect microplastics from water

Researchers at the American Chemical Society have created a light-activated robot resembling a fish that can swim around quickly, collecting microplastics from the water. With microplastics now found everywhere on the earth, the robot might be instrumental in measuring microplastic concentrations.[...]

Nuclear fusion is the newest advancement in clean energy

When one thinks of nuclear power, thoughts often include nuclear fission weapons (AKA atomic bombs) and their dangerous consequences. However, new research in sustainable energy production indicates that another type of nuclear energy could be an infinitely-abundant energy resource for the planet. It's called fusion. Though challenging to produce, fusion's high-energy yield and limited by-products make it an important resource to consider for the future.[...]

Fresh Market helps feed and revitalize one Chicago community

Chicago-based studio Wheeler Kearns Architects designed the Go Green Community Fresh Market in Englewood. It is the first phase of a masterplan driven by the Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN). It is in collaboration with the Resident Association of Greater Englewood (RAGE), Teamwork Englewood, and E.G. Woode to revitalize a Chicago neighborhood. The Fresh Market was one of six finalists in the 2020 Chicago Prize, recognized as a community resource that will help to develop a neighborhood long neglected by systemic disinvestment.[...]

This healthcare center maximizes energy use and greenery

The Rancho Los Amigos Recuperative Care Center by GGA+ Architects is a healthcare campus in Downey, California. It is located on the northeast border of the Rancho Los Amigos Hospital campus, near the neighboring residential areas. In the past, the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center was a key healthcare facility in the area. Inspired by the rehabilitation center's rich history, the RCC seeks to emulate the levels of profound care in the present day. The care center also fosters a deep connection to the surrounding landscape, maximizing sustainable strategies and promoting nature as a tool for healing.[...]

Closure of California's last nuclear power plant questioned

There are doubts over the planned closure of California's Diablo Canyon nuclear power station following the recent energy crisis. The station currently serves as the state's largest power supplier, accounting for over 9% of the state's energy needs. It has the capacity to serve a population of overA 3 million residents.A [...]

Biodegradable packaging could replace plastic food wrapping

Scientists have developed a new plant-based coating for food that could replace plastic. The biodegradable coating is environmentally sustainable, but also a public health solution thanks to its antibacterial properties. The product comes in the form of a solution that is sprayed directly onto foods, protecting them from disease-causing microbes and from damage during transportation.[...]

The BioBased concrete tiles cut carbon emissions and waste

BioBased tiles are a new sustainable building material being used to create sustainable facades for buildings. They replace traditional building materials and lower carbon emissions. As the result of a collaboration between StoneCycling and Biomason, the BioBasedTile is created with Biomasonas Biocement technology.A The tiles can be used to build structures that are stronger than traditional buildings, while significantly reducing waste.[...]

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